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WMCA Goes to Washington!

Last month, WMCA Executive Director, Wassim Malas, attended the America Votes State Summit in May. The Summit convenes in-state experts, strategists, renowned progressive leaders, and many partners as they strategize the best practices for grassroots mobilization, analyze state-based strategies for issue advocacy and electoral campaigns, and identify key areas of focus in the fight to build and maintain progressive power across the country. Wassim represented the WMCA as a panelist for a session that focused on demographic targeting called, "Using Race Models: Challenges and Best Practices."

Wassim was especially interested in cultivating a strong connection with other Muslim or Muslim-adjacent organizations, in particular, groups with similar interests as the WMCA with hopes to " absorb all the wisdom their leaders had to offer, particularly as it relates to the best practices of reaching our Muslim (and Muslim-friendly) base." Wassim is no stranger to the challenge of identifying Muslims in the area. For Muslims of Middle Eastern or North African decent, census data can be tricky, since both groups are considered White on government documents. The good news, reports Wassim, is that the WMCA is not alone in this challenge. Unfortunately, Wassim has yet to discover a proven method for identifying Muslim voters in Wisconsin counties. As a result, the WMCA will continue to make strides through increasing relational organizing efforts. InshAllah we will soon have a model that works, and serve as a template for other Muslim advocacy groups across the country.

Our executive leader, Wassim Malas, and WMCA Council member, Reema Ahmed, along with fellow Muslim advocacy group leaders.

Panel on Using Race Models at America Votes Summit.

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