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2024 Wisconsin Election

Vote on Tuesday, August 13, 2024

WMCA 2024 Endorsed Candidates

All candidates in the races below received a WMCA questionnaire that gauged their experience and support of the Muslim community. Our WMCA Advocates and Board of Directors reviewed the responses and voted on which candidates deserve our support. We encourage you to vote on April 2nd.

Presidential Primary

Democratic Presidential Primary
Vote "Uninstructed Delegation" on the Democratic Presidential Primary ballot. Our communities have been grieving for months as we witness the mass starvation, death, and destruction that the US is financially supporting in Gaza. We hope our votes on April 2nd will send a clear message to the administration that it must change course to win the voters' support in Wisconsin. To participate in this primary effort, voters must choose a Democratic ballot. In the November general election, voters can vote for whichever candidate or party they prefer. If you'd like more information, visit

Judicial Elections

Franklin Municipal Court*
John J. Brennan
Georgia L. Konstantakis

WMCA is endorsing both candidates in this race. 

Milwaukee County District Judge Branch 43
Rochelle N. Johnson-Bent

School Board Elections

Franklin Public School Board
Maqsood Khan

Glendale - River Hills School Board
Karn Cronwell

Menomonee Falls School Board
Jessica Birkholz

Menomonee Falls School Board
Angelique Byrne

Municipal Elections

Dane County Supervisor District 9
Steven Peters

Dane County Supervisor District 13
Jay Brower

Milwaukee County Comptroller
Michael S. Harper

Milwaukee County Supervisor District 4
Ron Jansen

Milwaukee County Supervisor District 9
Danelle Kenney

Milwaukee County Supervisor District 14
Caroline Gómez‐Tom

Milwaukee County Supervisor District 18
Brandon Williford

Ozaukee County Supervisor District 20
Ariba Khan

City of Milwaukee Comptroller
Bill Christianson

City of Milwaukee Alderperson District 10
Sharlen Moore

City of Milwaukee Alderperson District 11
Peter Burgelis

Save the Dates

April 2, 2024: Spring General Election and Presidential Primary
August 13, 2024: Primary Election
November 5, 2024: General Election

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