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Three WMCA Endorsed Candidates WON on April 6th

This is the power of the people - to elect candidates into office that will serve with dignity, compassion, and justice. YOU did that this Wisconsin Spring Election

Jill Underly will be our next State Superintendent of Public Instruction. We will hold her to her promise to work with our Muslim community to ensure every student is safe in the classroom and has the best opportunities to succeed.

Mushir Hassan won his election as will continue to serve as the Elmbrook School Board member. He has shown a sincere commitment to students, teachers, and parents and we look forward to his upcoming tenure.

Dr. Maqsood Khan will be the first Muslim to sit on the Franklin Public School Board. His leadership and representation are critical for the community, and we wish him success as he takes on this role.

WMCA recommended candidates Syed Abbas forMadison Common Council Vice President, and Madison alder Nasra Wehelie both won their races on April 6th.

This is just the beginning. WMCA hopes to uplift more candidates across Wisconsin in the elections to come. If you or someone you may know has the drive within them to serve their community, WMCA is here to help get you started. Send an email to for information on how to run for office.

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