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Ready, Set ... Early Vote!

Ready, Set ... Early Vote!

Early voting began this week for the Spring 2022 Elections! If you would like to vote in-person and beat the rush and crowds on Tuesday, April 5th, you can do so from today until April 2nd. Check out this list of tips from your friends at the WMCA: 1. Register to vote at early voting locations now or at your polling place on April 5th Election Day. Bring an ID and proof of residence. Check your voter status and your polling location at 2. If you were mailed a ballot: Return your ballot to the Clerk’s Office by mail at least 7 days prior to the Election or turn it in by hand to your clerk or bring it to a polling place to Early Vote or vote on Election Day. 3. Your vote will make a critical difference on April 5th. Make a plan of how you will vote! See who will be on your ballot at Encourage friends, family, and neighbors to get involved as well!

April 5th WMCA Endorsements

It's hard to know which candidates will protect Muslims from discrimination, unwarranted suspicion, and guilt by association. Since 2019, the WMCA has meticulously met with, and interviewed candidates we believe carry Muslim interests at heart. This election is no different; our board has carefully endorsed candidates we believe are open-minded, understand the need for inclusiveness, and have either worked with or supported the Muslim community in the past. Check out the list of our endorsements for individuals who have committed to ensure the rights of the Muslim community.

Milwaukee County:

1. Cavalier Johnson for Mayor of Milwaukee 2. Eric Rorholm for Milwaukee County Board - 3 3. Brian Bock for Greendale School Board 4. Tassia Hughes for Greendale School Board 5. Dr. Jeffrey Hall for Franklin Public School Board 6. Deborah Davis for Franklin Alderperson - 1 7. Marcelino Rivera III for Franklin Alderperson - 5 Waukesha County:

1. Steve Ponto for Mayor of Brookfield 2. Katie Rosoul for Elmbrook School Board 3. Daniel Medeiros for Elmbrook School Board 4. Meg McKenzie for New Berlin School Board 5. Scott Jentsch for New Berlin School Board 6. Kate Unger for New Berlin School Board Ozaukee County: 1. Paul Buzzell for Mequon-Thiensville School Board 2. Jason Levash for Mequon-Thiensville School Board

Want to learn more about our endorsement process and some of our candidates in the Wisconsin Muslim Journal Article here.

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