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Thank you for voting, engaging, and believing in our democracy.

Wisconsin's race was so close - we KNOW that every vote mattered, especially all the new and newly engage voters.

Muslim voters helped hold an Assembly seat in Brookfield and flip another one, so the community in Brookfield have allies in Madison. We also flipped a seat in Ozaukee County where many Muslims live, and the heavily-Muslim areas of Greenfield and Greendale turned from red to blue. And of course we played a crucial role in keeping a Muslim-hating administration from having a second term!

But the biggest winner is democracy. Through all the craziness and a pandemic, people voted in record numbers in Wisconsin and across the nation. We should all be proud of that.

Oh, how we wish we could safely be together for big celebrations!

Please take some time to rest and reflect. There will always be more work to do. Democracy is not a spectator sport!

- Wisconsin Muslim Civic Alliance Board and Leadership Council

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