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Spring 2021 Elections Endorsements

WMCA is proud to announce our slate of candidates for the April 6th Election! (click on each name to visit the candidate's website):

The State Superintendent race is one that WMCA leadership has kept a close eye on. Candidates Deb Kerr and Jill Underly met with WMCA in a formal interview where members asked questions about the candidate's background and vision for Wisconsin students. The topic of Choice schools and vouchers was brought up during the candidate interview. This is a topic near and dear to our Muslim community as many families rely on the program to provide quality education and a nurturing environment for their children. The State Superintendent does not have the power to change the voucher program - only the legislature can do so. So while we appreciate Deb Kerr's support of Choice schools, she is backed by conservative organizations, elected officials, and mega-donors who have shown no interest in working with our Muslim community. WMCA made the decision to endorse Jill Underly due to her promise to work with Muslim parents and students to ensure every school - whether private or public - is a safe space for all. She intends to uplift Muslim activists into leadership roles and learn best practices from institutions such as Milwaukee's Salam School. WMCA will work to get Jill elected on April 6th and then hold her to the promises she made to our community. Our work is never done when an election is over - it's just the start! Make a plan to vote at and spread the word to friends, family, masjids, and neighbors. When we all turn out to vote, we have the power to make a difference in these local elections. Thank you for being a voter!

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