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Ramadan 2020

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, What better time than during the Blessed month of Ramadan to reconnect with the book of Allah (The Quran). What better circumstances than the present to reunite with family. What better time to fulfill forgotten promises or to ask for forgiveness. We are told in the Quran that we are not tested beyond our capacity. Our Beloved Prophet (S) told us that the life of the believer is amazing. That when she/he is afflicted with hardship, she/he is patient and it is good for she/he and when she/he is blessed with good she/he is grateful and it is good for she/he. We have noticed that during these times of turmoil many are demonstrating a resilience and strength of Imam that is amazing. Our Heroes throughout the community stand committed to service risking their own safety to help those in crisis or have suffered some sort of trauma. For many of us this pandemic during the month of Ramadan is an adjustment never experienced. But how the times have changed. Now most of the world that was strongly against face covering have made it a mandate and it is now common place. Now, practicing “good hygiene” is on the tongue of people around the globe and limited physical social contact is now valued and respected. The strategy of self quarantine in the event of a epidemic was addressed over 1400 years ago by our Prophet (S). Hold on to what you know to be the truth. May you and those you love be Blessed with good health, forgiveness, and a Ramadan that is accepted. Ramadan Mubarak! Will Perry President Wisconsin Muslim Civic Alliance

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