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Inauguration Day Message

Inauguration Day January 20, 2021

The past four years have been amongst some of the most grueling years in our nation’s history. Americans had to watch a leader blatantly promote racism, bigotry, and discrimination on every level. As Wisconsinites, we have had to defend our votes countless times despite clearly voting for one presidential candidate. As Americans, we have seen legislators both nationwide and in our own state make careless decisions regarding our health as we navigate a global pandemic. As Muslim-Americans, we have endured countless attacks on our identities and faith. Families were torn apart due to Trump’s reckless Muslim Travel Ban and are still eagerly waiting to be reunited. We have experienced prejudice and outright Islamophobia at the hands of our president himself. On this Inauguration Day, our country can begin the healing process. While the trauma that our country has experienced will not be wiped clean, we can begin to take steps to rebuild this nation’s democracy and undo the harm that has been done. The past four years under Donald Trump's presidency have cast a dark shadow on our nation's history. May each step we take moving forward, be filled with purpose, change, and hope. We must continue to put in the hard work to ensure our communities are safe and represented. We must continue to vote--no matter how small the elections are. Muslim Americans voted in record-high numbers in 2020 and it is our duty to continue this momentum and vote on every level for candidates that will keep our community's best interest in mind. Some of the hardest work starts at home. Encourage your family and loved ones to get out and vote in every single election. Volunteer on a local level if you have the ability to do so. May we continue to show up for each other, protect one another and stand firm in the face of injustice. Thank you for being voters and protecting our nation’s democracy. Forward Together, WMCA Staff & Board Members

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