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A Message from President Will Perry

Assalamu alaikum everyone, Thank you for your interest in helping the Wisconsin Muslim Civic Alliance spread the word about the important election we have on April 7th. With an abundance of caution, we are cancelling the in-person phone bank scheduled for Monday, March 16th, and will instead make a plan for people to make calls from home. We will be making a decision soon about the discussion of candidate endorsements and recommendations that is currently scheduled for Thursday evening, March 19th. Our first thought, of course, is the health of our community. We cannot let this situation keep us from voting - our vote is our voice and we cannot be silent. I urge you to explore the website where you can register to vote until March 18th, learn what you need to register at the polls on election day, request that a ballot be mailed to your home (great option!), find your polling place, and more. Ballots will be visible by early next week, too. Please vote by mail, or early when there are fewer people., if possible. Early voting starts the 16th in the city of Milwaukee and the 23rd across the state. If you have any questions please email Thank you - together we will make a difference. Jazakallah Khair,

Will Perry P.S. Here is some GOOD news - students at Salam School offered voter registration at parent-teacher conferences yesterday! It was very successful.

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